Just Tits and Ass

Spike and Max Stone

Shaved, pierced fisting bottom Spike arrives on time for his lube job with New York power-top Max Stone. Stone roughtly grabs Spike's cock and spits into his big hairy armpit, rubbing his bald head around under the horny man's arm. Stone wastes no time pushing Spike to his knees and ordering him to suck his growing cock. Next we find Spike laying ass-up on a stack of tires, ready and waiting for his lube job. Stone takes an industrial size grease gun and fills Spike's massive cavern with extra-strength lube. Stone plunges his fist, followed by his forearm, deep into Spike's hole, turning his sphincter into a bright red donut. From here Stone shackles Spike to a giant hook hanging from the ceiling and Spike thrusts himself down on Stone's muscular, tattooed arm.