Just Tits and Ass

Who are the Alpha's?

We are a community of likeminded people who share a passion for porn and the ability to express our sexual fantasies. You'll find us in many different shapes and genders with wildly varying interests.

Many of our Alpha members are here simply to enjoy the videos and photos. However quite a few dedicate their spare time to improving the Xperience of our visitors. Whether it be by creating playlists, tagging pornstars or creating clubs and fanpages, each of those Alphas provides a vital service to our community.

We run our community on a set of rules that we uphold and act on:

We never
  1. engage in online harrassment or bullying
  2. upload underage (incl. nonnude) content
  3. spam our community
We always
  1. accept a moderator's verdict as final
  2. report users breaking our rules
  3. try to make everyone's Xperience enjoyable

Our community recognizes several special roles that an Alpha member can assume. Some roles are offered based on someone's continued efforts in helping the community. Others are based on someone's path chosen in life.

  • Alpha Xperts

    As leaders in their field of interest they are able to bring up the best content and make public recommendations to our visitors and members

  • Alpha Moderators

    Making sure our community remains friendly and void of unwanted activity they govern the site responding to both internal and external complaints.

  • Alpha Amateurs

    Craving the attention and exposure, our amateurs provide us with a never ending stream of amazing videos and photos for your enjoyment. Treat them with the respect that they deserve

  • Alpha Pro's

    Having chosen the adult business as their profession they appear as either Producers or Pornstars in our community, providing us daily with the latest high quality content

So you want to become an Alpha?

As Alpha's we pride ourselves in our high quality member profiles and spam free environment. Therefore several requirements are set out below which need to be fulfilled before you're accepted into our ranks.

Step 1

As part of your online identity we require you to upload a personal avatar and cover image on your profile.

Step 2

Introduce yourself to the community by setting your display name, birth date and writing a short About me. Also verify your email address so we can contact you if needed.

Step 3

The Alpha community is a trusted environment and we'd like to know more about you. Verify your gender by uploading your personal picture also containing the words "TNAFlix Alpha" and your username. You can choose to keep this picture private on the upload process. If you're really camera shy a body shot will do.

Happy Alpha Members!