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HomegrownVideos - Elise And Addy Finger Each Others Pus

Elise stands up and strips down to her panties showing off a hard body with nice small tits. Addy joins her and they kiss touching each other up. Elise is soon naked legs spread wide as Addy gives her cunnilingus. Addy offers her fingers up to Elise who licks them eagerly and she soon gets two of them inside Elise's tight cunt before going back down with her tongue! The oral continues before the two switch positions Addy lying down so Elise can have a go on her pussy. Pulling off her white panties she spreads Addy's thighs then gets busy tonguing her clit. Using her fingers and tongue she soon brings her off to a noisy orgasm! On her hands and knees now Addy has a dildo inside her and is getting her ass finger fucked hard by Elise! They change positions once more Addy wanking off Elise's ass and pussy. We finish with Addy sat on Elise's face fucking it hard. Both satisfied they lie together on the bed as the scene ends.
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